Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Prayer to the God of All Comfort

Father, You are good when You give,
You are good when You take away,
When the sun shines upon us,
When night gathers over us, 

You have loved us from before the foundation of the world,
In love you have redeemed our souls;
And You love us still,
In spite of our hard hearts, our ingratitude, our failure to trust You as we should.

Father, Your goodness and Your lovingkindness has been such an ever-present help and comfort to us over the past year,
You have led me and many others among us though a twisted wilderness,
In our deepest sorrows, you have picked us up to rejoice in the morning,
When tempted, You have helped us to overcome in the power of Your might.

Father, we know that Your sovereign hand has been, and will be with us always;
And together we join our hearts together with joyful resolve,
Knowing that You are the blessed pilot of our collective future, just as You have been the pilot of our collective past.

Father, we bless Your Name that You have veiled our eyes to the waters ahead. 
You are so kind in having hidden ways that are infinitely higher than our ways

So Lord, we trust that if You have appointed storms of tribulation to come,
You will be with us in them;
If we have to pass through tempests of persecution and temptation,
We will not drown;
If we are to die,
We will see Your face all the more soon;
If a painful end is in store for any one of us,
Grant us grace that our faith not fail; 

Blessed God of all comfort, glorify Yourself in us whether in comfort or trial,
And as Your chosen vessels, please God, make us fit for Your use.

This we pray in the Name of Your most Holy and perfect and blameless Son Jesus Christ,

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