Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello, My Daughter Died

The best bloggers to follow are those for whom an ordinary day doesn’t look anything like our own. Caleb Wilde is one such writer. A young, married, Christian husband and new father (what’s out of the ordinary, you ask?), Caleb just so happens to be a fifth generation Funeral Director in the heart of rural Pennsylvania. On his blog—Confessions of a Funeral Director—Caleb tells all kinds of rarely-heard (yet respectful) stories from the perspective of one who both knows God and deals with death on a daily basis. I highly recommend subscribing to his blog and following him on Twitter (@calebwilde). You’ll be both blown away and blessed—and at times, horrified. I’m honored to have a guest post on Caleb’s blog today. It’s a piece I wrote on Joy's blog last year about the death of our daughter, Elli, in 2008. Since many of Caleb’s readers find him by searching for answers in the wake of losing a loved one, he thought it would be particularly encouraging to them. I’m including the lead-in paragraph here, but please promise me you’ll click the "Read On" link at the end to read the rest. I have comments turned off here as well, so you can leave your comments there.

*  *  *  *

Since Elli slipped into eternity 730 days ago, my daily reflections on her life have not faded. I still fold her pink pajamas and her flowery dresses, now worn by her little sister, some still slightly discolored around the neck from Elli’s drool. I love to watch Anna run and play in those clothes. They never moved that way with Elli in them.