Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Political Post: Are We Following the Wrong Story?

'Election 2012' photo (c) 2012, League of Women Voters of California LWVC - license:
While the nation holds its breath for the outcome of November 6, a mother in a run-down trailer park breathes out a bedtime prayer with her child, who will one day plant churches in China.

While the nation is frozen, paralyzed in its preoccupation over who will occupy the White House, a family spends a Saturday serving warm soup to the homeless.

While America spars dividedly over which party's brand of change is better, a boy pours out his piggy bank to count the coins he’s collected for his favorite charity.

While bitter political arguments pervade the social networks, a sweet 77-year-old sings hymns to her dying husband in the night.

While political prophecies of hope or despair dominate the headlines, a pastor stands up on a Wednesday night—telling five faithful families one more time about a carpenter who came to earth as Prophet, Priest and King.

* * * * *

If you want a front row seat to witness what God is doing in the world, put down the newspaper. Close the lid on your laptop. The most remarkable things are happening in the private moments in your community, in the most unremarkable places.

Look where the surroundings are modest, the people are unattractive, and the finances stretched. Look for hope where life would seem to be most hopeless to the naked eye. Look where the road is hard, with no prospects for better days—regardless of who’s in the Oval Office.

How can I say this?

'Field of Boaz' photo (c) 2011, - license:, there was another time when a nation groaned under corrupt judges, longing for a better leader. 

It was the story everyone was following. But it wasn’t the Story they should have been following.

While that entire nation was coming unraveled and crying out to God, God was knitting together a kingly line in the most unlikely place.

A bereaved widow named Ruth, gleaning the crumbs from a barley field in Bethlehem—whose faithful life had taken so many bitter turns—would meet a faithful man who would become her kinsman redeemer. Together, they would beget Obed, the grandfather of David, bridging the unbroken bloodline to Christ Himself.

It was unremarkable, and marked by tragedy. It was dusty and gritty. It didn’t make the headlines. But it changed the course of history. 

The message of the story of Ruth whispers to me, You're following the wrong story. Look down at the sheaves, the things right under your nose. Your wife. Your kids. Your small group. Your church. Your community. There are more remarkable things unfolding there than you think. Be faithful in your field, and don't be distracted. God is working in you there, more than you know. November 6 will do nothing to change that.


  1. Awesome.

    And this assessment of "awesome" coming from a guy who launched a political satire blog as a companion to my usual blog. I'm still doing that now, but when my step father entered the final stages of dying a couple of weeks ago, politics, blogging, all of it, rushed to the back burner while spending time with him was all that mattered. I even sat and sang songs to him (just a little bit)

    When I started paying attention to political news again, "binders full of women" and the other crowing certainly seemed pale in comparison with sharing the last few days of my step father's life with him.

    I do thing politics matter, but people matter so much more. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Thank you, JT. What a blessing you must have been to your step father when he needed you most. That's exactly what this post is about, and I appreciate your words.

  2. I love this post, Scott. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. GREAT POST! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Phenomenal post, Scott. Just gorgeous and perfect and welcome and a breath of much-needed fresh air. Thank you, thank you.

  5. Right on! Thanks so much for the reminder. You are absolutelty right. I'm so glad I found your blog through my friend Ivette. Thanks for sharing your faith. Thank you!

  6. Although I have blogged occasionally on politics, I realise that no election, no policy, no court ruling, nor any executive order is eternal. Christ's kingdom will continue to endure long past the 2012 election.


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